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Dear friend!

On 26th May our favourite Liverpool FC will play in the championship final in Kyiv.
As you probably know Kyiv hotel prices go sky-high and because of this a lot of fans are not able to find bed in Kyiv but, you’ll never walk alone cause you have us - Lviv LFC supporters club

Please, find below all the information you need! Don’t hesitate to
contact us!

We will happy to answer all your questions!



In contrast

PRICES IN LVIV are regular - from 17

May 24 - 25May 25 - 26May 26 - 27

May 27 - 28May 28 - 29May 29 - 30

Lviv open to the World

Awesome people

Amazing city

Red Fellows Transfer Bus L'viv-Kyiv-L'viv

How can you come

We've prepared guide with the possible options how to get to L'viv. Leave your mail - get the guide

1. On city

2. Date

3. Your mail

How to get home from lviv

Just drop us mail on and we will provide you with information regarding your personal requirements

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